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Summer plans.

Posted by LewToons - May 11th, 2011

Whats up Newgrounds!

Thanks so much for the great feedback on Staff SUMO Smackdown and thanks to the award givers for 4th place! - - Although i have participated in game jams, this task was by far the most intense and heavy on workloads - creating fully functioning sprites for all the staff (sorry tim and rob! time crunch) took forever - - manly-chicken is an awesome programmer-seriously, check out his stuff

So now that i am (temporarily) done with all the bullshit of college classes, i am ready to buckle down and get some content out. So that being said, here is what i have in store for the summer.

i havent done a toon on my own for quite some time and i have an epic idea all cooked up and an animatic finished - - although something strange happened with it. There was a song about a year ago that i fell in love with and i came up with an awesome idea for an animation - but now that i am getting around to animating it , it seems that the artist has left newgrounds? saddest part about it is i cant remember the name of the artist...bummer. - once i release the toon im sure the newgrounds community can brief me on who the artist was and i can give the due credit

Rex Orion Bounty Hunter in Training

a game i am working on with ArChEr-11
it started about 5 months ago (there have been some large gaps between work but now we are ready to seal the deal and it should be a fantastic game!
Kingdom in the Clouds
a game i am working on with MonoFlauta it is ALMOST READY so i think we will need a few beta testers soon


perhaps around the end of june-ish i am going to start looking to make this new game idea i have.
I always liked the idea of new game styles that havent really been done yet so here is my pitch

basically the game plays something like pokemon or zelda style - -try this a knights quest
but instead of encountering mini little pokemon type battles you engage into streetfighter type combat - think this faith fighter

I wanna make it jam packed with cutscenes and story lines so its really like playing a full blown game (i have a fun idea to make each playable character have a different voice actor)

i am aware it would be a nightmare to program but its something i really want to try to tackle

so thats about it- summer time is upon us
[screen cap from menu of kingdom in the clouds]

Summer plans.

Comments (15)

You ARE a busy little man :) The game sounds awesome :D

haha thanks, which one?

Your "new game" idea :)

Well, all-in-all, you seem like you're going to be pretty busy. I'm looking forward to some of the games, especially (if you can find someone to program it flawlessly and well) the last game you were talking about. Of course, another guy that I know of who started this Pokemon series on Newgrounds said that he would trying to do a game in the style of that series, and we haven't heard from him in over 2 years now.

As for beta testing (although I think I do realize that it might just be pointless to request to do so), I would like to help you at least with that part. Since I can't really program anything yet, I suppose this is the next best thing.

So, anyway, beware of the living hell that you just may be putting yourself through....y'know, if a little thing called procrastination doesn't get in the way.

ah yes , procrastination ... the enemy of all who work in flash.

holy cow! I wish I could do be as productive as you! :]

haha we will see how i do


The Krator Brothers?!?!?!

I'd be interested in a beta test if you're willing to give me a chance :)
Looks good man! You do well at telling stories through your games.

Check out the old GBA game Summon Night: Swordcraft Story. Might be able to YouTube some gameplay. That had random encounters, with VERY fun battles!!

i'll keep you in mind for beta for sure!

Good luck with everything! :)

thanks much peg

I love you man!!
And i wish i could be a beta tester..
But i know i'm not gonna be. lol

well we gotta have someone do it!

I might make that game idea with you!
It was fun working with you last time!

i'll have my people contact your people. we'll do lunch

love the new game idea, you ever need any help with some characters, you know who to call ;)

and looking forward to Kingdom in the clouds~

you got it sir

The game idea sounds rather fun. Let's hope someone will pick up the programming part. Also, I can't wait to try out Kingdom in the Clouds. It looks like an interesting game.

Too bad things didn't work out during the 4th Game Jam. Maybe we can work together sometime else. Who knows.

Good luck with all the projects :)

game turned out sweet though!

In summer you could visit me !


Fine.. well i guess i can test it if you want to ;) i love you!


that's awesome! do you want to help with my game too?
it's called "Troll King" and i believe it to be a awesome idea as well.
it's located here. <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1248698">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 248698</a>