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I've finally begun

Posted by LewToons - June 12th, 2011

After being on Newgrounds for something like 7 years ( and having an actual user name for 4) i've finally started what i came to Newgrounds to do. Animating my own series.

The animatic is complete and i have been working on backgrounds today.

Its just a short prologue but i plan to work on the first full episode right away after! i cant wait to get the script out to all the other actors!

Thanks so much to GiantJuicyKickBalls and D-Mac-Double > they recorded lines for this prologue very long ago - i simply didn't have time to get to this until now - -i'm sure as voice actors there is nothing worse than recording lines only to have the animator never do the animation.

I'm sure this series won't be for everyone - it's a bit over the top and cheesy - but thats the sort of stuff i have always loved in anime and old school saturday morning style cartoons ( SKY SURFER STRIKE FORCE )
I have been very inspired by some fantastic artists on Newgrounds who have taken on the task of single handedly animating a full series of characters and intricate plot lines. Here are a few of my favorite series that have really inspired me to take a crack at this.

Shades of Grey
(shame this never got finished.)




and most of all - - XIN

Hopefully my work can measure up to these - or atleast come close haha

**update - been workin on bgs all day...it blows... heres an updated cap

I've finally begun


Good luck

thanks PIED


I shit you not, in the middle of Xin 18 ... in the scene where Ghai is gonna leave the group ... the subtitle flat out says "BEACUASE" ...

I'm screening sometime.

haha classic ghai....legend would never fuck that up

Less cartoony,more animey....does that make sense?

i've never been that good with anime style but im trying to push myself to create more of my own unique style : ) sorta a half and half

Good for you man! Cant wait to see it!

thanks so much - i hope not to disappoint

Series are always great. They show what the animator/artist is capable of doing (art style, story telling etc. etc.). And having those two great voice actor on board is surely a plus.

Since I like both anime and cartoon, I'm looking forward to seeing your series.
Good luck with it. Can't wait to see what it turns out like :)

yeah i agree - i hope my dramtic style of story telling will help carry it - but you are correct - having the right voice actors and music is huge

Fuck yes, smack my ass because I squealed like a little school girl when I saw this. Can't wait!

me neither mannnnnnn

looks funny

it's a laugh riot

I was going to comment that your screencap looks shitty. I'm glad you already know. Now I have nothing to comment about so I will kill myself. I hope you're happy.

i figured it may lower peoples expectations....it was drawn out in just a few seconds after all..

I see you changed the picture, it looks good.

haha yeah the animatic is now becoming somewhat decent with the backgrounds in place ( 3/4 of them that is )

Sweet man! Best of luck, of course!

hopefully you'll be hearing from me soon on the first ep ; )

badass dude, wish you the best of luck!

thanks nath


hip hip ______

Good luck Red! I think it's every animator's dream to have his own mini series, i just never seem to find the time to seriously sit down and get working on the mini series i have in mind - Can't wait to see the prologue!!

i'd love to hear what your series is about! i would not be happy with my self if i never even tried to do this - so we will see how it goes!

Best of luck man! You can do it!

thanks man! whens Koden X part 2?

Good luck.

Party at RedHarv's place to celebrate!!

awwww yeah

Good luck