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Steamgear - A Massive Robot Day Game Collab

2012-05-08 11:03:39 by LewToons

( i, like many others, was bummed i couldn't contribute to Pico day so i really want to get something in for this holiday and show NGs some support! - and i was thinking, with a massive collaboration like this, it's even more fun to get more people involved!)

Once, for robot day, with the help of some INSANELY talented artists/Musician (1 haha), I was able to start up a pretty awesome movie collab >> RAGEOUS 7 << so I'm going to try another robot day collab..this one even bigger than the last

This is a very simple and BROAD concept i have come up with for robot day - sort of a fantasy steampunk/western robo platform style game ( a la megaman, contra - esk in gameplay style) This concept has a lot of developing still to happen so nothing is set in stone! (i just find to have an idea and jumping off point really moves things along to start) and I am hoping to assemble a MASSIVE team of people who are interested in making a really cool game for robot day. I know steampunk is done to death...but...i still think its cool and haven't come across many games with it. (i have a more expansive plot idea that i will share with the team when we start spit ballin' ideas)


[ I'll be serving as sort of the producer/facilitator for the group & will be filling one of these rolls]
So without further adieu - Here are the positions that will be available for this game (open to ANYONE! )

-Programmer [ probably the most important part- -no programmer, no game! ]

-Level Designer [ you will decide what will make this game challenging - **no artistic ability required** just a great sense of what makes these kinds of games fun and interesting. (here is a link of what the level designer will need to be providing SHITTIEST LEVEL DSN EVER..it's just an example...) so things like layouts, traps, enemy placements - - all things that will need to be handled by you!

-Character sprites[ this will be a lot of work but you will be making basically every functioning character/enemy/boss ect...and probably the actual platforms and solid objects as well] (i'll either doing this or the UI depending on the interest and who fits best where)

-Background Artist [ though the artist above will create the ground - the distant backgrounds are what can really add atmosphere and beauty to games **no animation skills needed** (although animated backgrounds could be awesome too!)

-Menu's and UI [ health bars, level clearing screens, pause screens, intro menus, ect ect..]

-Cutscene Animator/artist [ This will be a lot of work - once we settle into what the REAL story is, it'll be your job to create cool cutscenes to help the game feel even bigger and tell the story ] this could also just be more of a "motion comic" kinda thing if someon is more from the art portal world and wants to join!

-Voice Actor/s[ games with voices are always cooler - -granted these will be more of humanoid voices but.. never the less voices will be needed! ** you should probably have the means to make your voice - - robo-ish** ] all together though, who knows where the voices will go.

-SFX [ whether you are great at scouring the internet for awesome sounds or create them yourself, we will need plenty! ]


So there it is! - - I am very aware that it might only take a team of about three people to fill most of these rolls, but I'm more interested in this idea for the collaboration and how much i love working with other people - -So if you wanna join in the fun -we've got about two months, but i'm figuring that with the roles being a bit more spread around - it shouldn't be TOO much time off anyone's plate

so just throw a post in here if you are interested and what role/s you are interested in (or shoot me a pm) and I'll announce what the full team is gonna be this weekend!

Lets have some fun and make something awesome for Robot Day!

Steamgear - A Massive Robot Day Game Collab


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2012-05-08 11:46:36

Well holy cow! The logo you whipped up already looks awesome :D
I'm pretty busy right now though, and probably will be straight through robot day, so I'll just be wishing you luck for now. So good luck!! I'm sure it'll rock!!

LewToons responds:

ahh - too bad man, thanks for the good wishes though, & glad you like the logo!


2012-05-08 11:49:50

I could do it maybe.
But I have other projects at the moment so I'll see...

LewToons responds:

be sure to let me know man! we accomplished some crazy things in that week we made smackdown haha


2012-05-08 12:03:45

I would join but im too busy with NATA, sorry red;P

LewToons responds:

no need for apologies! - best of luck with NATA, can't wait to check out your entry


2012-05-08 12:05:17

ill do sprites or cutscenes if you need em.

LewToons responds:

awesome man, Dinoshift was so cute and fun! haha


2012-05-08 12:19:56

Wow!!! That logo is awesome....... I wish I could help you but I dont hav any experience doing collabs and currently I'm trying to polish my animation skills...... Wish you a very good luck with your project... :D

LewToons responds:



2012-05-08 12:26:10

I wish I knew the first thing about game programming. Doing cutscenes might be something I could help out with, and actually have some experience with lol.

LewToons responds:

yeah man programming is insane...i salute any who can do it - - but yeah man, i'll keep you in mind if you're free when the time comes -


2012-05-08 14:12:32

i'm submitting a small entry for NATA but I'd love to help out with cutscenes if you need an extra hand and I might be able to dabble in some character sprites. Trying to make this a very productive summer before being swallowed up into school again.

LewToons responds:

cool man, i'll keep you in mind - - got any art or animation stuff i could check out? didn't see anything on your profile!


2012-05-08 15:05:53

How many levels/zones will there be?

LewToons responds:

i'll shoot you a pm ; )


2012-05-08 15:08:24

I may be able to help with SFX or or levels.

LewToons responds:



2012-05-08 15:08:50

'Rageous 7-2 for 2013? ;)

LewToons responds:

haha that'd be epic man


2012-05-08 15:43:23

I'd love to help with voicing if you'll have me lol

LewToons responds:

cool! i'll check out your stuff and we'll see what voices we start to need as the plotline takes more shape


2012-05-08 18:46:59

Steamgear looks awesome! I hope it turns out well :D

But i have sad news. You know that one show I hired you for, "Candle Cove"? I've had to cancel the cartoon because the guy who wrote the original story, Kris Straub, doesn't want me doing it. I was trying to contact you sooner, but I couldn't do so till today, and I thought that this was an appropriate way to do so. 3:

LewToons responds:

thats ok man - shit happens, life happens. best of luck with the rest of your projects!


2012-05-08 19:16:26

I could design the levels if you want, but it depends how many levels do you want designed? and by when?

LewToons responds:

well for who ever ends up doing them - the number of levels will probably be heavily depending on how much the coder can do in the time frame - so we will have to see on that one -


2012-05-08 19:56:43

If I wasn't trying to find a place to live right now, and a full time job...
I'd join this. I'd LOVE to get involved in this some how :(
damn moving out of home.. to a different country. *shakes fist*
Next year I should hopefully be getting involved with every event I can :3

LewToons responds:

we will all see you then, good luck with your move!


2012-05-08 20:31:07

I would -LOVE- to be apart of a large collab. I'm a new voice actor and wanting to put what I'm able to do out there, Hit me up sometime and give me an example of what you want.

LewToons responds:

It'll depend on what the roles are as the game starts to come together so i will let you know if you fit any of the particular roles once they are created!


2012-05-08 21:43:49

I would love to join this in some way! I don't know what you would want me in, but if you need any animator, I'm up for it


2012-05-08 21:46:22

Well ok if you want me to design it shoot me a PM.


2012-05-08 21:51:29

On second thought, I might be busy... :I

LewToons responds:

haha well no worries man!


2012-05-08 22:52:40

Sounds like a winner to me! Can I do some music for this?

LewToons responds:

got ur pm : )


2012-05-09 06:29:30

Could I help in any way?

Possibly Backgrounds or UI/Menus?

LewToons responds:

i'll indeed let you know if there's a position for you when the newspost runs the old course of the front page!


2012-05-09 13:28:53

Sick idea man! If i wasn't doing my exams right now I would so help, but continue starting group projects like this - people like you are what keep Newgrounds brilliant!

LewToons responds:

yeah man - Collaboration is key! thanks for the kind words


2012-05-09 15:04:30

I wouldn't mind hopping on as a programmer. :P

(Updated ) LewToons responds:

hey - i know you!!! you made that game on the front page right now that i fucking CAN NOT BEAT....it's way too hard


2012-05-09 16:55:36

Hey let me know if you need some help with the game with the level designing via PM ok?

LewToons responds:

you got it mate!


2012-05-11 18:20:35

Let's rock this game, Red!

LewToons responds: