Entry #415

The flow of the portal now.

2012-07-23 09:50:08 by LewToons

So I Submitted a new Cartoon to the Portal - Check it out if you dare!

But i noticed something for the first time since the redesign... the portal moves WAY slower -- used to be you could submit a toon around 8 and in about an hour it'd be outa judgement and in the clear for the voting pool of that very same day.

but much to my disapointment, my toon was trapped in judgement for over 4 hours leaving it in a pretty shitty grey area as far as voting will be concerned -

O WELL - i guess it's my fault for submitting late...hopefully my submission will be a part of today's voting pool and not yesterdays - it is pretty incredible how much slower the portal moves now.

i think having those info rollovers in the classic portal would really help.

anyways - yeah.

The flow of the portal now.


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2012-07-23 14:48:57

Rollovers are coming soon - curious to see if that does speed up judgment!

LewToons responds:

I can't wait! - know it'll get me sifting through way more new toons!


2012-07-23 15:07:04

Yeah i think rollovers help. I approve.

LewToons responds: