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Redharvest = Lewtoons

2012-11-12 14:59:29 by LewToons


To any who care - I can be found on Youtube and twitter as "Lewtoons"

So why not just stick with my current name and spare myself the lack of username continuity?
Well for one, because I've grown to sort of dislike my username (as I'm sure many have with theirs) but mainly because I am
doing a lot of different stuff on my Youtube in addition to animated content (some on camera type stuff) -

From Top Ten Cartoon Countdowns:

To an Every-Other-Week Cartoon News:

To a Cartoon Show Vs. Cartoon Video Game comparison series:

So If that's something that tickles your wee fancy - I'd love for you to pop on over and subscribe!
& also I'm on twitter @ Lewtoons

also - Me and MonoFlauta are working on a pretty massive RPG gameproject that has been going awesomely & are hoping to recruit a musician and voice actors relatively soon - The game is looking great and is definitely the most ambitious game project I've ever been involved in.

I'm also looking for some more channels to subscribe to on Youtube since I don't follow nearly enough, so if you run a cool channel - message me or link it to me and I'll pop over and BECOME OBSESSED WITH YOU.

oh also - I'm usually on skype if you ever just wanna yell at me -SkypeName: Redharvestng


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2012-11-12 15:09:07

I wish I was still internet :(

LewToons responds:

you'll be back -


2012-11-12 16:19:19

You are a very attractive man.

(Updated ) LewToons responds:

* man child ;)


2012-11-12 19:46:05

yea I've thought about asking for a name change before, but I don't wanna confuse anyone, or have an old link go to a broken URL or something.

YO HERE'S A TIP!!!! This list takes a hundred fucking seconds to get to the first entry, and it's mostly you talking about streamlining the video. Maybe start with a punchy intro splash just to confirm what channel this video is on, then kick things off with #10. You can spend all damn day talkin about the actual entries, cos that's the content I'm there for.
If you have caveats like honourable mentions, splice em into the middle as a break, or put em at the end. Put all the Thanks For Watching fluff n chat at the end aswel. If you've won me over with the meat of the video THEN I will stick around to hear about what else is goin on.
It's Youtube, it's the fastest most accessible way to watch something in history, why frontload a load o chat at the start? Ads are bad enough! Not that it's objectively bad, just put it at the end.

Anyway a channel about cartoon news is exactly somethin I wanna watch, and how the hell have I gone this long without knowing about "Skysurfer Strikeforce". Also I never noticed American Maid was a pun.
Also youre kinda tepid and boring, but like whatever, that'll probably fix itself. Jaz should make more videos, and then you should watch those.

(Updated ) LewToons responds:

You are definitely right about the caveats (those will probably be even moved to the description) & thanks for watching atleast to the end before saying "fuck you this is shit" haha - - unfortunately the talking and "fluff" on the beginning and end, will probably be lessened but probably wont be eliminated :/ that's just a part of what I like to do with my countdowns (perhaps a skip ahead button for folks who don't wish to participate?) - - but all the same, hope you still check out some of my future stuff! ( & let's all hope jaz makes more stuff )


2012-11-13 00:40:40

I know what you mean. I'm on my third and last username because changing a web of dead links on different sites is a cunt, and i'm sure Tom has better things to do. Your channel looks cool, consider yourself subbed.

LewToons responds:

I talked to Tom about changing my name actually - but here on Newgrounds, I think it's best I remain RedHarvest - - Thanks so much for checkin' out my channel and subscribing!


2012-11-13 17:41:39

Great videos overall, just get a new background if ya can.


2012-11-13 17:47:05

nvm i c now

LewToons responds:

that was close! - glad you like the vids


2012-11-13 21:07:13

Ha! I can finally put a face to the name!
I'm in the same boat, the name Jonimator's gettin reeal old now. Hard to believe it's been six years.
Anyway time to go check out your channel! Oh and if you insist on seeing some new channels you may as well check out my youtube too hehe; JRoneyMedia

LewToons responds:

Cool man - I'll definitely check your channel out


2012-11-24 21:54:13

I'm glad you're doing very fine as usual. By the way I'm waiting EFZ ep.2 :3