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2012-12-11 23:36:50 by LewToons

*[edit - found someone, thanks for hittin' me up! ]*

So my good amigo MonoFlauta and I have been working on a cool
new unique fantasy RPG called PRIMAL CHAMPIONS

It's definitely the most work I've done on a game before and it's definitely my favorite game I've worked on!

You can keep up with the progress at our new studios home page:
Happy Ghost Studios Facebook Page

Anyways - The game is about halfway done and looking great! We will eventually open a casting call for voice actors and perhaps a musician - but I wanted to put out a feeler early and give anyone interested a leg up!

We are going to be paying you/the musician up front a flat rate (the amount is undecided as of now) to create 3-6 songs for the game and ideally create/locate all the sfx we need

if you are interested just leave a comment here and I'll check out your stuff & your name will be the first on the list when considering filling this position for reeeelz

(orchestral style is preferred! if not required -- & examples of this style on your page are good too)

never slimed


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2012-12-12 02:05:29


My name's Morgan, and I'm a composer/sfx designer from Vancouver, Canada. I'm really interested in working together with you guys on this project.

RPG's are my favorite games to work on, and I've been involved with a couple in the past. Feel free to take a look at my portfolio: www.mdksound.com (specifically www.mdksound.com/composition/orchestral, or www.mdksound.com/composition/rpg-scores)

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! I'm more easily reached via email, morgan@mdksound.com

Kind Regards,

Morgan King


2012-12-12 02:06:49

Check out my music. I also replied to your post in the audio forum.


2012-12-12 04:35:51

I would love to know more about the game, it would help me choose which tracks to show you, but in this case I'll just drop a few links for you. :)
http://soundcloud.com/metalrenard/rebirths-ret ribution-theme
http://soundcloud.com/metalrenard/minerim-soun dtrack
My profile here mainly has heavy metal on it so you would probably find it useless to look.

I actually do this for a living so you can be sure of the quality. I also have access to singers and I can sing myself, plus if you do decide to break out of the genre and need guitar, I'm a competent guitarist and heavy metal producer. I've got over a thousand subscribers on Youtube too, and I'd be happy to help spread the word about your game when it's done as part of the deal - it's what I do for everyone. :)


2012-12-12 10:27:56

Sounds terrific! I'd love to get involved! I sent you a PM.


2012-12-12 12:32:07

How about doing something different from Orchestral Music, which almost every other RPG uses? How about something that is memorable and different but at the same time interesting and mood setting. Something that helps define the game.

Dreams from Gin is an original Indie Rock Band and we can make very compelling mood setting instrumental rock music. (Check out bands like: Explosions in the Sky or God is an Astronaut). From calm and beautiful to intense and anxiety filled.

Our music has been featured in Xbox360 and PS3 games. The music we currently have recorded fits a certain Alternative Rock Genre but we are all very talented musicians and would have no issues crafting music to fit seamlessly with your game. You can check out:

An example of something we've recorded: http://dreamsfromgin.bandcamp.com/track/stoic-

What we would do for your game would be instrumental and much different from this but it gives you an example of what we have done.


2012-12-12 14:25:24

Hey RedHarvest,

This project looks promising! You used one of my pieces in Echo Force Zero and I was really impressed by the quality of your work. I know that you are skilled, and I would love to collaborate with you. Here are a few examples of my work.

Game over:



Epic: (This one is quite old but should give you an idea of style. I have much more realistic sounding instruments now)

I'm passionate about RPGs and want to contribute to the success of your project. If my music resonates with what you are looking for, please contact me. :)


2012-12-12 16:08:27

Hey man,

I've been a fan of your work since I saw some in NATA and I think one of the Game Jams as well, definitely great work. I'd be more than delighted to provide orchestral music of any caliber- epic, dark, sad, strong, even those fast-paced battle tracks that leave your heart on the floor when the waves pile on. My best style is dark orchestral, although I have been told my battle music and epic music are both excellent. I also pride myself in speed and quality- I can produce a soundtrack when the pressure is on as well as I can when I have a distant deadline.

Feel free to check out my stuff if you have a chance-

I can also provide custom sound foley- I have some swords, shields, bows and all sorts of folley utilities (such as the epic "Monty Python-style Split Coconut" for walking). I presently have several hundred recorded samples that you can use, even if you decide upon another person for composition.

Thanks for your time, and best of luck, whomever you choose!

p.s. if you wish to contact me, feel free to drop me a pm, or add me on skype or my e-mail (samulis@live.com).


2012-12-19 11:37:19

I know an audio production company, whom I worked with, did a fantastic job. Those guys are great and pro.
http://soundgroundmedia.com is their website.
Finally, They have different rates for different type of clients.
I hope this helps.