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We Need Monster Voices/Sounds ?

2013-02-16 20:40:29 by LewToons

Primal Champions is getting closer by the day to completion.

We are lucky enough to have an amazing cast involved but still we don't have a plan for many
of the crazy beasts and monsters that appear in our game!

so if you think you can provide GOOD effects for any (& preferably all) of the monsters below - let me know!
(We need convincing sounds & not ones that sound like a dude pretending to be a monster...which is what I tried, haha)

We Need Monster Voices/Sounds ?


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2013-02-16 21:41:43

Yo! I can hook you up with something! (not me personally, but a library thats easy to get)

LewToons responds:

yeah that'd be great man! - shoot me a pm!


2013-02-19 17:10:01

give me an idea of what you want and I can try something


2013-02-21 14:08:37

I could probably do some, would you like the audio with filters on it, or should I send you some sounds raw?

LewToons responds:

I actually ended up scouring the net and got most of the bases covered - thanks though!