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Primal Champions Trailer--Why I haven't Been Animating -

2013-05-09 17:43:00 by LewToons

Man I miss being on Newgrounds - but the Reality is I haven't been animating at all.

The reason is this:

MonoFlauta & I started this game last August...which means we've been at it almost a year - - yes he is in school and I have a full time job so we've been slowly chipping away - but this game has pretty much burnt me out on animation for while..(till the next game hehehehhehe)..That said - I am really really really proud of what we've made - I wonder if anyone will like it? haha

Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of animating short toons and such but for now...carpal tunnel has the best of me.


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2013-05-09 17:53:57

Ah, it looks fantastic!


2013-05-09 18:09:20

looks pretty awesome

LewToons responds:

thanks man - I've been playing all your awesome games recently too! hopefully we can collab again sometime


2013-05-09 19:02:24

Nice!!! Can't wait to play it!


2013-05-09 22:16:56

Wheeeeee! Awesome work!! XD


2013-05-10 00:06:49

OOOH! look pretty snazzy man!


2013-05-10 11:16:38

Woohoo. Looks really cool. I absolutely dig RPG games. Btw, the rogue guy is going in my party.

From what I seen, the gameplay could be pretty solid. If it also has a good story, it may be a very awesome game.

LewToons responds:

it may well be! I am really hoping RPG fans will get into it!


2013-05-10 20:09:20

I <3 U

LewToons responds: