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Returning to NG

2014-10-28 16:14:50 by LewToons

Planning to start a webcomic in the near future - - I think I will be able to stick to it's plot much more than with animation. Because well. Animation.

Really excited to come back to newgrounds though :)  Been going through some big life changes

and just have regained a ton of free time - - so art and music are coming back into the picture for me!


& of course - theres no better place for that than NG XD

So the game that Monoflauta and I have been working on for about 1 year now (jeeezus) is basically ready...but we are just getting some last things polished and then hopefully can get it released sometime in august :)

making a trailer on my youtube channel & could use a bit of help!

looking for a dark & deep (almost demon type) voice

comment if you're interested (& if you have a reel thats great too!)

My youtube channel is HERE

Looking for a Male Deep/Demon Voice For YT channel

in need of a chibi artist (1 drawing) paid!

2013-05-15 14:49:54 by LewToons

check out my post here:

long story short - looking for an image of myself sort of chibi-fied! something similar to the style of these avengers maybe?

can discuss your rates and such via pm

in need of a chibi artist (1 drawing) paid!

Primal Champions Trailer--Why I haven't Been Animating -

2013-05-09 17:43:00 by LewToons

Man I miss being on Newgrounds - but the Reality is I haven't been animating at all.

The reason is this:

MonoFlauta & I started this game last August...which means we've been at it almost a year - - yes he is in school and I have a full time job so we've been slowly chipping away - but this game has pretty much burnt me out on animation for while..(till the next game hehehehhehe)..That said - I am really really really proud of what we've made - I wonder if anyone will like it? haha

Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of animating short toons and such but for now...carpal tunnel has the best of me.

Isolating sound elements?

2013-03-22 10:10:52 by LewToons

I am not sure if it's really possible but I've always wondered how radio stations seem to be able to rip the backtrack of a song out without the lyrics - -

I am wondering how to do something similar except with dialogue - - For instance - - I am trying to capture a portion of dialogue from "The lord of the rings" but the section has some music behind it that I would prefer not to be there -

Is there a decent way to isolate just the voices and scrap the music?

any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks -

We Need Monster Voices/Sounds ?

2013-02-16 20:40:29 by LewToons

Primal Champions is getting closer by the day to completion.

We are lucky enough to have an amazing cast involved but still we don't have a plan for many
of the crazy beasts and monsters that appear in our game!

so if you think you can provide GOOD effects for any (& preferably all) of the monsters below - let me know!
(We need convincing sounds & not ones that sound like a dude pretending to be a monster...which is what I tried, haha)

We Need Monster Voices/Sounds ?

Check it out if you please & Show your friend Karen...that fucking attention whore.

So recently I've been wanting to start a sort of podcast & I am looking for a couple other people with toon-based youtube channels (perhaps reviews or top tens whatever..) to co host

Could anyone recommend some channels that do cartoon type content?

Primal Champions Cast Complete.

2013-01-21 11:18:44 by LewToons

So this morning I've finished the Casting for The game - I just want to thank everyone so much for auditioning - I honestly didn't expect such an insane interest but I really want to let everyone know How much I appreciate the time spent to send an audition -

Unfortunately, Even with tons of bosses and side characters I wasn't able to give everyone who auditioned a role (though I tried to get most auditioners (who had good quality mics) a role of some sort) which really sucks - but I am happy to report that the voice cast will top out around 13 actors, which is really exciting and is going to take this game to a whole new level!

For those who were cast, I will sending out emails later today!

Primal Champions Cast Complete.